we at Georges mobile home parts store understand the high cost of items and the high cost of shipping to our customers. we are in the process of lowering our prices to help you our customers make your next purchase more affordable for you

(not all prices have been updated to our new low prices so please feel free to contact us for the new lower prices)

George's Mobile Home Parts store was opened in 2016 and has been responsible for providing 
outstanding customer service in the mobile home industry.
George has been in the mobile home business for 25 years and selling mobile home parts for the past 12 years.  
We specialize in interior and exterior mobile home products - everything from set-up for your mobile home to replacement faucets, doors, windows, tubs, etc.  
We also carrier all  replacement parts for your furances and air conditioners; along with new heating and air  units. Our customers particularly value our large selection of products that are in stock and parts we are able to order and have here or shipped to you within days along with the option of ordering specialty items.
We at George's mobile home parts store want to thank your for taking the time to shop with us.
If you don't find the item your searching for, feel free to call text or email if it's out there we'll go the exta mile to help you find it.
Our business is located at
10734 E us 52
Otterbein, In. 47970. 
You can reach us at (765) 714-2805, text are welcome   
You can also contact us at our e-mail address: or
Our friendly staff is looking forward to hearing from you!
Please allow us to serve your manufactured housing, portable building, and weatherization supply needs.  
Our experienced and friendly staff will help answer any of your questions,
including pricing and availability.
George's mobile homeparts store
10734 E us 52
Otterbein, IN. 47970 
Phone:  765-714-2805
email: or
Hours of Operation:
Monday - Wednesday by appointment
store hours are 
Thursday - Saturday : 9:00am to 1:00pm
Sunday: Closed

now selling rv & camping supplys. I will be adding these items daily to this site. feel free to call or email me with what you are looking for


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Miller Heating & cooling units & parts

Heating and Cooling

ALSO SELL REVOLV Heating & cooloing units & parts

Revolv® Indoor Comfort Products is the next generation of HVAC products designed specifically for mobile homes. It is a complete line of revolutionary indoor comfort products. Revolv® represents the sum of Style Crest’s mobile home expertise, assembled under a single brand, and includes split-system air conditioners, heat pump condensers, indoor coils, furnaces, line sets, compact-package coil cabinets and accessories. A complete line of thermostats fit every need, including state of the are multi-function programmable models. Revolv® is unique because of its whole system approach – delivering faster and easier installation, improved energy efficiency, and long-lasting performance.  The most significant differentiation about Revolv® is its complete AccuCharge® Systems that deliver a factory-precise refrigerant charge, so installers are no longer forced to spend hours in the field balancing air conditioning systems. TheAccuCharge® systems are comprised of an advanced family of Smart Components™ including Revolv® coil, Revolv®condenser, Fit-Right™ fittings and line sets, each specifically engineered for integrated efficiency and reliability.

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George's Mobile Home Parts Store is located at:
10734 E US-52
Otterbein, IN 47970